Waterproof drones solve mapping and inspection in marine areas

The Aeromapper Talon Amphibious is the only truly affordable fixed-wing UAV system that can be used for inspection and mapping with proven amphibious characteristics.  The UAV system delivers high-resolution georeferenced imagery as well as the video feed from up to 30 km from the operator. After completing its mission the UAV later returns and safely lands on the water, well serving maritime Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations.

By design, the UAV can stay indefinitely afloat on the water, and even sustain full immersion without any damage or water intrusion, even in salt water. To reach this level of dependability the engineers at Aeromao spent more than a year of lab work and field testing, experimenting with different materials, solutions & compounds, techniques and components to ensure a very high level of reliability. The base model is the well-known Aeromapper Talon, which has been the flagship for the company since 2014. The UAV is designed to fully survive and float even if fully filled with water, because internal components have been carefully waterproofed individually.

Some of the industries that can benefit from this technology are:

    Coastal & river mapping/surveying
    Inspection of infrastructure or wildlife
    Ecology & conservation
    Marine management

As of this writing, a couple of Amphibious Talon units have been successfully operating during a 4 week expedition by a worldwide renowned British conservation institution. The location is on an undisclosed remote atoll in Belize, as part of a series of very important efforts for conservation & ecology and enforcement and control of illegal fishing activities over protected areas.

The type of terrain offers little or no land to operate from, therefore only truly amphibious drones are usable. The drones have been successfully launched from both beaches or small boats and then landed autonomously landed on the water after each flight is completed.