Police drone finds car crash victim freezing to death with hypothermia in deep ditch

A police drone outfitted with an infrared camera, helps locate the unconscious victim of a car crash freezing to death with hypothermia in a six-feet deep ditch in the middle of the night. The drone was sent into action after the victim was seen walking away from a car accident on the A16 near Ludborough south of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, where a car had flipped onto its side. Within minutes of the DJI Inspire drone taking off, the man was located.

In the middle of the night, the victim was laying in a six-foot-deep ditch and was unconscious, making it near impossible to find the man. However, the DJI Inspire drone that was used in this search and rescue operation was outfitted with an infrared camera. In the video footage below you can clearly see the heat-signature of the police vehicle, the police officer, and the victim.

The drone pilot instructed the police officer to the victim who was about 500 feet away from the location of the accident that occurred around 2 am yesterday morning. According to the Police, the fast drone deployment may have well saved the man’s life as hypothermia was already setting in. According to the Grimsby Telegraph, the man was taken to the hospital and is thought to be recovering from his ordeal.