Internest and Skysense Announce Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Drone

Inspections And Surveillance.  Internest, with its autonomous takeoff & landing system for rotary aircraft and Skysense, drone charging infrastructure leader, announce a key partnership to ease drone operations.

Most of today’s drone operations are manually controlled by certified pilots bearing high costs and making operations complex. Internest & Skysense joined forces in providing a fully autonomous solution to unlock the potential of remote drone operations.  The autonomous guidance solution developed by Internest is plug and play and compatible with all major autopilots on the market, enabling the drone to perform a complete mission from take off to landing and charging, without the need of a pilot, even remote.

Since their inception, Internest and Skysense have been serving large OEM and key industrials companies asking for an integrated autonomous drone solution. Internest’s Lolas (Local Landing System) performed hundreds of full autonomous landings with less than 20cm error,thanks to a proprietary ultrasonic positioning tech that offers cm precision in all weather conditions. “Customers requests lead us to combine our expertise with Skysense team. This partnership will ease drone operations” says Internest CEO, Nicolas Sczaniecki.